Upside Biotechnologies Announces New Skin Growth Technology for Burn Victims

This post originally appeared on FireHouse here.

Firefighters and EMS representatives who learned of Upside Biotechnologies technology recently were reportedly enthusiastic as they realized how the company’s breakthrough skin growth technology could save the lives of firefighters and victims of burn injuries.

Dr. Robert Feldman, CEO of the New Zealand-based regenerative tissue developer was a special guest at the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI’s) 31st Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner and Seminars Program in Washington on April 25 which was attended by approximately 1,500 individuals.

Upside is developing an advanced, skin replacement treatment for patients suffering major burns.

The technology enables a small sample of unburnt patient skin to be grown in the laboratory into large areas of full thickness skin. This lab-grown skin can be used as skin grafts in patients with major burns who do not have enough uninjured skin to provide conventional skin grafts.

Upside’s engineered skin replacement, PelliCel, is produced faster than any competitive product in development. It is supplied in larger sheets, approximately 8 inches square, with excellent handling characteristics preferred by burns surgeons.

“We were also humbled and excited by the huge level of interest at the 2019 CFSI Symposium and Dinner in the development of our product designed to radically improve the outcome of those who suffer from large burns.

“The support of USA firefighters and Burn Centre officials is particularly welcome as they, of all people, know how important it is to advance skin graft technology.”

Upside was also honored to sponsor Congressman Curt Weldon’s excellent new book at the CFSI dinner.Congressman Weldon’s fire service autobiography, Awakening the Sleeping Giant.” The hero of this story is Weldon, a volunteer fireman who became a U.S. congressman and created the Congressional Fire Services Caucus. He changed the American Fire Service.

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